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Tekla Rudwin Nakazibwe

Tell us about yourself

  • Tekla Rudwin Nakazibwe. I was born and raised in Uganda. I am from Buganda kingdom from the Zziwa family.

Describe yourself in one word

  • Caring

How would you describe your style?

  • Sexy and sophisticated!

What are the three things you do every morning?

  • On a usual basis, I Journal, meditate and run

How does it feel being the face of Ankara Festival and how has the journey been for you so far?

  • I feel like I am being given an opportunity to shine my light. So many times, we don’t notice the opportunities right in front of us. Ankara festivals is giving a stepping stone, to meet and network with more people with the industry and also inspire more millennials to keep pushing themselves to their limits.

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