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AFLA Magazine


Are you a small business owner, fashion photographer, a designer, a fashion stylist or make-up artist? Do you have a brand or product you want to introduce to the general public? For as little as $65, you could place an advert in our 2021 edition of AFLA Magazine, POST-COVID issue.

The next edition will be launched at the ANKARA FESTIVAL 2021, where over 1,000 copies will be distributed for free.

The AFLA Magazine will be a good mileage for every advertiser as it is distributed for free nationally and can be viewed digitally on the Ankara Festival Los Angeles website.

When you place an advert, we will also write an editorial piece for inclusion with our compliments. It is a perfect way to reach out to potential clients. Below, are the sample pages of the magazine and advert rates.

  • FULL PAGE: $300

  • HALF PAGE: $250

  • QUARTER PAGE: $135


For more information, contact us via e-mail:

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