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Peter Lentini

Founder, Creative Director

About Peter

Peter Lentini is the Founder and Creative Director of the biggest African cultural festival in the United States. The Ankara Festival Los Angeles (AFLA), created in 2010 with the intention to create a social landscape for cultural pride in the U.S., increase the visibility of African culture and foster entrepreneurship through fashion, arts, music, dance and food. He began the initiative while managing Naija Entertainment, a company he launched in 2004 that has been a staple in the entertainment scene in California Bay Area, Los Angeles, and across the nation for over 15 years providing creative African Entertainment, event production, producing music concerts featuring world-renowned African artists.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Peter Lentini got in the entertainment industry from a young age as an event promoter, organizing street carnivals and concerts. As a little boy, he struggled as he balanced focusing on his studies and supporting his siblings raised by a single mother by peddling in the busy streets of Lagos selling water and snacks. As such, he has become the epitome of the American Dream since his move to the US in 2000 as an immigrant creating his own success through hard work and determination. With his commitment to be a positive social impact to everyone he encounters, Peter Lentini has been an inspiration and a mentor to a diverse youth group hoping to follow in his footsteps as he accomplishes various achievements never forgetting his humble beginnings.

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